Passport Amigo

Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set
Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set

Southern Africa Travel Wallet Set


Remember every moment of your adventure

The Passport Amigo Travel Wallet Set is a colourful, time-saving solution for curating your precious travel moments, so you can freeze time and remember every moment of your trip of a lifetime. 

Each set includes:

  • Destination Travel Wallet
  • Passport-sized Notebook
  • Keepsake Tin

    Don't lose the moment

    Travellers collect moments disguised as everyday items.

    If might be your entrance ticket to Kruger National Park, the ferry ticket to Robben Island or the label from the cold beer you sank watching the sunset on the Okavango Delta. 

    You keep hold of these items because you want to freeze time.

    But it's time-consuming to do something meaningful with them when you return; or worse, you lose them and the memento is gone forever.

    How to keep your adventures alive

    1. Destination Travel Wallet 

    MementoPlot your journey on the rip-proof, lightweight Tyvek® map cover, make notes inside and create a personalised memento of your travels - you'll never forget where your adventures have taken you. 

      SecureStay organised and keep safe your passport, notebook & precious keepsakes in the interior pockets  - your important items have a special home and you'll feel less anxious knowing exactly where everything is.

        2. Passport-sized Notebook 

        MemoriesDoodle or jot down your observations in your little notebook, in time it will transport you back to a special place 

        BackupUse the notebook as a central place to record important information. If your smartphone quits these details might save the day.

          3. Keepsake Tin

          Sorted | When you return, the tin becomes a perfect, safe home for your travel wallet & wanderlust stash.   A simple & timesaving solution for curating your precious travel memories together in one place - easily relive special moments from your adventure whenever you desire
            StorytellerProudly display your travel wallet collection - it will be a great conversation starter when sharing your special moments with friends & family and an easy way to bring your travel stories to life again.

                It's easy to create a treasured memento

                Watch the video now to see how you can easily create a treasured memento of your next special trip and always remember where your adventures have taken you.

                  Heading elsewhere?

                  Travel wallets for Australia & NZ,  Asia and Africa are available now.  

                  Click to find out about Europe, World, USA & Canda as well as other destinations. 

                  Shipping & Delivery

                  We aim to ship products within 1-2 working days. Products are shipped 1st Class by Royal Mail from England, UK.

                  We offer flat rate shipping: 

                  UK: £2.99 EU: £3.99 USA, CAN, AUS, NZ: £5.99.

                  Buy 1 or 2 or 4 travel wallets, the shipping is the same so why not start your collection today or treat your travel buddy?

                  Designed by travel-lovers for lovers of travel.

                  Printed under licence and hand-assembled in England, United Kingdom.


                  Tyvek® is durable and virtually indestructible yet at the end of its life, it can be recycled. If for any reason your wallet tears or comes apart tell us and we’ll replace it.  For free.  No questions asked.

                  Travel Wallet Features

                  Your travel wallet:
                  • Can be written on - plot your journey on the map and make notes inside

                  • Fits all standard B7 sized passports, even those with additional pages

                  • Feels like paper but won’t rip or tear

                  • Has 4 interior pockets

                  • Won't fade in the sun

                  • Is water resistant

                  • Gives a home to all the little mementoes of your trip, simply & easily

                  • Comes in a keepsake tin with acid-free tissue paper

                  • Is printed and hand-assembled in England, United Kingdom

                  Travel Wallet Specifications

                  • Constructed of 105gsm Tyvek® by DuPont. 

                  • Dimension when opened: 20cmx14cm

                  • Dimensions when closed: 10cm x 14cm

                  • Fits all standard passport sizes 12.5cm × 8.8cm B7 format even those with extra pages

                  • UV coated - won’t fade in the sun

                  • Water resistant, but not waterproof.  Odd splash is okay, diving with it…not advised.

                  • Inside left envelope style pocket

                  • Inside right 3 concertina pockets

                  • Comes in an A6 sized keepsake tin with acid-free tissue paper

                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 1 review
                  Perfect momento of my travels

                  This is the perfect memento of my overland trip through Southern Africa. I love that you can write on the cover of the wallet, I noted the route we took and made little doodles of special moments. The passport sized notebook fits perfectly within the wallet. It was great as a mini travel diary and a place to list all the animals I saw on safari.

                  Good to finally have a place for the beer labels and other ephemera I collect on my travels - which I usually lose. Now the plan is to collect the set! I’m doing a road trip in the USA next year, will one be available?

                  Thanks for taking the time to share your review. Your trip sounded awesome. We will have a travel wallet for USA & Canada available early next year so be sure to be on our mailing list to hear about it first.