Passport Amigo

Welcome, it's good to have you here.


I’m Melanie.  I love to travel.  I love dreaming about it, planning it and most of all, doing it.

I love to collect bits and bobs from my travels...ticket stubs, beer labels, currency, receipts, the card of Gusto, (my favourite restaurant in Seville). 

These small items become little reminders and memory joggers long after my trip has ended.

What I don't like that when I return they sit, unloved and unlooked-at, in the bottom of a drawer.

I stopped kidding myself long ago that one day I would artfully arrange and frame them. As there, in the drawer, they all sat. Waiting to be seen again.

So I designed a new type of travel wallet.

A wallet tailored for the different places you visit. One you can use to plot your journey, make notes on but above all, give a home to the keepsakes and travel mementoes you collect on the road and the perfect way to store them when you return.

Simply and easily.

When you need a quick wanderlust pick-me-up you can quickly remind yourself of wonderful times in far off lands.  All whilst dreaming up your next adventure. 

If your passport is your best friend, grab it and go.

Have adventures.

Make memories.


Come on, what are you waiting for?


Wanderluster | Serial over-packer | Occasional wearer of sandals with socks.