Passport Amigo

Hey Traveller!

Get your colouring pens ready.

I hope you have fun colouring and remembering all the wonderful places you've been so far.  

And don't forget...if you want to quickly & easily create a memento of your next adventure be sure pick up one of our destination travel wallets.

With travel wallets available for Europe, USA & CanadaAsia & Australia, Africaand the World we're sure to have your next trip covered. 

It's easy to download your free colour-in world map simply click the image above.

Save it. Print it.

Colour it. Display it.

Wishing you lots of adventures and many happy days travelling!


PS: This is a pic of my travel stash and my India travel wallet from a wonderful trip to Delhi & Rajasthan. So many memories all kept safe & there when I need a quick reminder!