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How to entertain yourself on a plane

How to entertain yourself on a plane

Keeping yourself entertained on a long flight can be a challenge. But there are lots of activities to do on a plane, even in cramped economy!

You can do fun things on a plane or use the time to do a chore you’ve been meaning to do for ages.  It can also be a great space to learn a new skill - before tiredness and jetlag kick in. 

And you know what? Sitting and doing nothing is also an option. 

I have to say, I don’t mind taking time out to just sit and stare out the window and while away the time daydreaming.  Actually, that feels like a luxury these days.

How to entertain yourself on a plane - stare out the window

So, if you’re not tanked up on booze and sleeping pills or fighting to stay awake you could do these things to keep you entertained on a plane.

What to do on a long flight

Learn a skill

With a bit of advance prep, this could be the ideal time to:

  • Learn calligraphy
  • Improve your handwriting skills
  • Learn how your camera works
  • Learn how to tie knots - I think this is a perfect activity to do on a plane, all need is some instructions and a short length of rope.  
  • Learn to meditate.  This could be the ideal time to learn, the Headspace app is a good place to start - but download them first as not all are available offline. 
  • Learn a magic trick
  • Begin to learn or improve your foreign language skills - DuoLingo is a great app for this
  • Learn the rules of grammar (have I written that grammatically correctly. . . ?)
  • Improve your maths ability
  • Sketch/learn to draw/write a comic strip


If all that feels a bit too taxing other options are:

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  • Do chair yoga
  • Meditate
  • Catch up on Podcasts
  • Guided Visualisation - have something you want to achieve or want to bring into your life? This could the ideal place to really focus on it and visualise what your life would be like if this change happened. 
  • Watch a film you’ve always been meaning to watch and bring the material to read up about it before and after
  • Have a massive Netflix session
  • Pamper yourself - I take cleansers and creams on a flight, it's a perfect time to give yourself a facial or deep hand treatment.  Deep conditioning your hair is tricky though. 

How to entertain yourself on a plane colour in

Plan your trip

I'm a terror for not planning enough in advance, this is the ideal time to:

  • Read a novel related to the country you're going to
  • Learn about the history of the place - even saving the Wikipedia page to read offline is a good start
  • Understand the currency - I get so muddled with some currencies, this is a good time to familiarise yourself with the notes and understand the value.
  • Purchase a Keepsake Travel Wallet (ahem . . .now) for your destination and begin storing your trip mementoes such as your flight stub.
Easy & quickly create a memento of your trip with a destination travel wallet
  • With Travel wallets for Europe, USAAfricaAsiaAustralia  and World available you're sure to have your next trip covered
  • Use the passport-sized notebook that can come with the Keepsake Travel Wallet to start your travel journal. 
  • Use this time to get prepared and note down important trip info in a notebook, if your smartphone quits or is out of battery, those jotted-down details might save the day.
  • This is a pic of my India Travel Wallet and the wanderlust stash I brought back with many lovely memories are now close to hand whenever I need a quick reminder of my trip! 

India Travel Wallet & Travel Stash

Work on yourself

Looking for a new job or want to make some personal changes, this might be the perfect time to:

  • Update your CV/Resume
  • Draft an updated LinkedIn Profile
  • Do a mega meditation session (not advisable for beginners)
  • Practice interview questions if you intend to change jobs
  • Make a life plan - I can't stand 'self-help' books but the book 'Life in half a second' was a game-changer for me.  It helped me understand how I really wanted my life to be and to begin making those changes. 

How to entertain yourself on a plane learn maths

Be productive

With hours stretching ahead of you this could be the time for you to:

  • Begin that book you’ve been meaning to write
  • Crochet and knit (but check with your airline if you can take these sorts of needles onboard)
  • Sort through all your photos on your laptop/phone/tablet
  • Clean up your computer files

How to entertain yourself on a plane knit or crochet

Of course, you could do none of these and just be in the moment and you know what? That's absolutely fine too. 

Enjoy the journey.  I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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Bon voyage!


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