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Inspirational Travel Journals

Inspirational Travel Journals

As travellers, we often collect moments disguised as everyday items - metro tickets, drink coasters, or flight stubs. But it's so easy to lose them, and the memory is gone forever.

During my travels, I collect these items with the intention of artfully arranging them in a cool travel journal, along with wonderful sketches of places I've visited and food I've eaten.  

This personalised travel journal would be a simple way for me to freeze time and remember the small moments of my adventures. 

I had visions of my beautiful leather travel journal looking something like this one.

But there is a fatal flaw. 

I can't draw!

The horrible scribbles in my travel journal scrapbook would look nothing like the beautiful architecture I'd witnessed. 

It was depressing.  

This lack of artistic skill combined with a desire to capture the small moments of my travels is what led me to design and develop the Keepsake Travel Wallet

Instead, I now store small mementoes from my travels in my travel wallet and in the keepsake tin along with postcards and other memorabilia that capture my travels waaaay better than my embarrassing scrawls!

My India Travel Wallet & Travel Stash

I can plot my journey on the atlas-quality cover, make notes inside and never forget where my adventures have taken me.  

Above is my India Travel Wallet and the keepsake stash I collected of moments from my adventure many which, over time, I might have forgetten.

My admiration and love of an artistic travel journal haven't faded though and if I can't marvel at my own travel diary I can at least marvel at other people's travel diaries.

Here's a roundup of some unique travel journal ideas from Instagram. 

What wonderful skills people have.

I'm forever jealous!


What a wonderful way to record your day. 


Oh to have the skills to create something like this.  One can but dream...


Love this colour combination. 


I would LOVE to be able to diarise my trip like this.  


Love the cute hand-drawn camera!

Remember every moment of your adventures

Little travel moments add up to the big memories from our adventures and I just love how these artists have captured their travels. Even if it makes me envious!

So, whether you intend to stick your mementoes artfully in a journal, frame them or simply want to keep hold of them grab a Passport Amigo Keepsake Travel Wallet for your next trip. 

You can keep safe the small mementoes you collect during your travels and after so that you can freeze time and relive the special moments, however you choose to record them.

With travel wallets available for Europe, USAAfrica, Asia & Australia as well as the World you're sure to find one for your next adventure. 

The full collection is available here.

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