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Super-useful Travel Gift Ideas

Super-useful Travel Gift Ideas

Need a present for someone going travelling? 

Often when we travel space is tight, you need everything you have to work for you so if you're searching for a gift for a traveller it's often better to focus on useful travel gifts. 

But if you don't want to give an eye mask, neck pillow or packing cubes what else is there?

This round up focusses on useful travel gifts for men or women whether they are backpacking, cruising, sipping champers on a balcony overlooking the Amalfi coast, or riding buses in Southeast Asia.

Specifically, gifts that can be used on the road and when they return or tick the multi-purpose box.

1. Turkish Peshtemal Towel 

When you're travelling you need items that have multiple uses and a Turkish Peshtemal towel ticks many boxes. 

They're lightweight, versatile, highly absorbent, quick-drying AND beautiful. Oh and add to that consciously crafted.

What's not to love?

2. Destination Travel Wallet & Keepsake Tin

These Destination Travel Wallets have an atlas quality map on the cover and solve the problem of what to do with the small keepsakes we collect during our travels and when we return.

Each wallet’s cover is an atlas-quality map that you can write on so you can plot your journey on the cover and make notes inside and create a personal memento of a special trip.

Each travel wallet comes with a keepsake stash tin with plenty of space for small city maps, postcards, photos, keyrings, even that dodgy souvenir magnet that slides off your fridge door! 

A time-saving solution for collating all your travel moments into one place that doesn’t involve DIY!

With travel wallet available for Africa, Asia, Australia & NZ, Europe, The USA and World maps you’re sure to find a destination for your traveller. 

Definitely a useful, unique and memorable gift for a globetrotter. 

3. Colour-in Adventure Map (free!) it's free to download but it wouldn't cost much to get it printed. 

There are lots of map apps and for placing pins of destinations but why not go old school and colour in where one has been on this free colour-in map poster.  

Add a poster frame & some colour pens you're good to go!

It can be printed colour or black and white and it looks great printed onto board and hung with a simple poster hanger. Add some colour pens to the gift and you're good to go!

You can grab your free colour in world map here or click the map above.

3. Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Yes, even if there are no plans to go near a sleeping bag!

The best silk liner is incredibly light-weight, stuffs into a little sack and barely takes up any room.  It also dries quickly if you’re handwashing it.

They are great as a sarong, scarf and perfect when you're unsure of the cleanliness of bedding in a place or need to protect yourself from a whirring fan when even a cotton sheet feels too much.

    My favourite sleeping bag liners are these by Soundly Sleeping Dragon.

    They are handmade by the Tan Minh Single Mothers' Cooperative in Hanoi, Vietnam, have a slot for your pillow, are 100% silk and come in a gorgeous array of colours. 

    Just look at them; I mean w
    ho wouldn’t want one?! Especially if it's a gift.  Gorgeous colours, a good cause, multi-purpose and stop you get getting bitten in the night.  Take my money! 


    5. Pacsafe Travel Safe

    I know.  A deeply unsexy gift idea but stay with me on this one. I have this Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L Anti-theft Portable Safe (what a mouthful!) and whilst it’s not a beautiful gift trust me, it’s something that can be used every day and gives peace of mind plus it’s a great road trip gift idea too.  

    In this 5L portable travel safe, I can fit my 11″ MacBook Air, passport, wallet, compact camera as well as other small bits like a watch, iPhone etc.

    I get into the habit of using it all the time.  Even at home.  Great when travelling on public transport too – especially overnight buses and trains.  

    It is a perfect road trip gift idea as you can lash it under the seat of your vehicle.  Its an ideal gift idea for cruise travellers too so you can safely store items in your cabin. 

    So, that's my roundup, I hope you can find something useful.  And of course, it's ABSOLUTELY okay to buy gifts for yourself, useful or otherwise!

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    Happy gift-giving to the travellers in your life!


    PS Don't forget to grab the free digital colour-in map!