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Because the best souvenirs trigger great memories

Stay organised on your next adventure and easily create a lasting memento with a Destination Travel Wallet & Keepsake Tin.

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Creating a keepsake of your travels is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Go on Adventures

From Alaska to Africa to Asia we've got your next trip covered. 

Pick a wallet for your destination & easily create a memento of where your adventures have taken you.

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2. Collect Moments

Interior pockets protect your passport, notebook & keepsakes. 

Keep tickets, receipts & special travel mementoes you collect along the way organised & safe.

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3. Hold Forever

A keepsake tin provides a home for your travel wallet & wanderlust stash.

Plenty of space for photos, postcards, drink coasters & that souvenir magnet that slides off your fridge door!

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Travellers Love it

The tin is the perfect stash tin for all those small travelling memories that can so easily get lost once you get home and the whole package is great. Customer service is outstanding too.

– Helen

I loved all the pieces and how well they fit together as well as seeing the map every time I took the wallet out. Passing through airports seemed easier as everything was in one place. For the first time in many years, I journaled daily using the notebook. That's a personal achievement.

– Elinor

Remember every moment

Watch the video to see how easy it is to turn your special travel moments into a lasting memento and never forget where your adventures have taken you.

Perfect gift for a traveller

I purchased the travel wallet for a friend traveling to Southeast Asia. It was important to me to give my friend something personalized and inspiring, it's the perfect size to store notes, maps, and other mementos.

– Tiffany

Bought as a gift and they absolutely love it! It means my friend will be able to keep memories of a special trip to Indonesia forever once they come home.

– Louisa

Where will you take yours?

We love seeing photos of where you take your travel wallet.

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