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USA Travel Wallet
USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet USA Travel Wallet

USA Travel Wallet


Want to remember your adventures for longer?

Imagine how great it will feel to relive a moment from your special trip the USA or Canada.

This travel wallet & keepsake stash tin is quick and easy way to create a lasting memento of your travels so you never forget where your adventures have taken you.

Even if it’s just for a fleeting moment you can go back to the museum, the beach bar or the bustling market and once again soak in the sounds, the smells and the sheer joy at just being somewhere else. 

After all, the best souvenirs are the ones that trigger great memories. 

Tyvek Travel Wallet

What's included?

Tyvek® Travel Wallet
Travel Stash Tin

    Travel Wallet Features

    • Plot your journey on the Atlas-quality map cover to always remember where your adventures have taken you
    • Made from tough Tyvek® your travel wallet feels like paper & can be written on yet can’t be ripped or torn
    • Lightweight & weighing only 13 grams it won't add bulk to your gear
    • Snug envelope-style pocket fits your passport so you always know where it is
    • Expanding pockets keep safe mementoes you collect along the way, never forget the small moments that make up your travels
    • UV-coated & water-resistant - can cope with your most rugged of adventures
    • Stealthy & slim it looks like a map in your bag
    Guaranteed to last for your journey, your destination & when you're back home

      Travel Stash Tin Features

      • Small enough to take with you on the road, big enough to house your trip mementoes when you return
      • There when you need a quiet reminder of your travels
      • Great conversation starter & an easy way to bring your travel stories to life when sharing your adventures with friends & family.

      Grab a travel wallet today and always remember where your adventures have taken you.  

      Travelling Elsewhere?

      We've got your next trip covered.

      Travel wallets are available for

      Europe, USA & CanadaAsia & Australia, Africaand the World.  


      Passport-sized Notebook 

      Designed by us to perfectly match your passport, we even rounded the corners - cute!

      Our notebook slips easily into your Tyvek® Travel Wallet and makes the ideal travel companion: doodle, draw, plan, make notes.

      Record. Remember. Revisit.

      Add one to your order for just £2.99

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